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Clean panels harness
the full power of the sun.

Keep your panels running at max capacity.

SunScrub offers nationwide routine and on-demand services.

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Your All in One Solution.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

The Solar Panel Cleaning Experts

Imagine getting the most out of your solar panels. The most absorption to harness the most power possible. SunScrub sets out to help you achieve these goals.

SunScrub has years of experience cleaning commercial solar panels. With our regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings, you never lose an ounce of power. Each service includes a power wash rinse to clear away loose direct, hand cleaning with a soft scrubber and soapy water to gently wash the surface of each panel, and a clean water rinse with full water recovery.

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The SunScrub Difference

  • Our structure was designed with accomodation and flexibility in mind.
  • Affordable, "on call" serving.
  • Service scheduled at times that are convenient for you.


  • SunScrub is self-performing.
  • We assume all liability for federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
  • All SunScrub work is guaranteed.
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36 percent

Improvement on annual output because of regular cleaning.

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Gallons of wastewater eliminated each year.

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Industries Served

Retail Chains & Department Stores, Food Warehouses, and Supermarkets.

Stay Compliant with SunScrub

  • Our patent-protected C.A.R.E. wastewater collection system safely processes over 6 Million gallons of wastewater annually.
  • We're fully certified by state and local environmental agencies
Kept C.A.R.E.
  • We carry a full line of organic soap options plus biodegradable cleansers and degreasers.
  • We guarantee effective and responsible wastewater elimination.
  • We assume all liability for federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

Sustainability Beyond Water

  • We operate every job through our proprietary technology platform, offering a fully paperless operation from scheduling to invoicing.
  • All operations optimize work routes to maximize work and fuel efficiency.
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Why Keep your Solar Panels Clean?

Your Image
  • A pristine level of cleanliness speaks volumes about your company's health and sustainability.
  • Regular cleaning keeps your panels running at maximum ouput = Convenience for Clients.
Your Investment
  • Clean solar panels limit your liability.
  • Increases the lifetime of your solar panels, avoiding unnecessary rust spots and points of degrade.
Your Responsibility
  • Remain compliant with environmental regulation to avoid costly fines.
  • Trust us to stay compliant with water care regulations while cleaning your solar panels.

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We're not only experts in solar panel cleaning but we have a full suite of fleet & facility maintenance brands we can unite to reduce the complication of managing multiple maintenance partners — all in one, all at once.

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